Mission Statement



The mission of St. John’s Sauers Lutheran School is  to educate each child in a Christ-centered environment for a life of service to God and man. 

The goal is that they may by God’s grace, through his Word:

  • Grow in the knowledge of God’s love for them in Christ;
  • Grow in their understanding of their redeemed life in the body of Christ, the church;
  • Grow in their understanding of stewardship as their life lived to God’s glory and for the good of their neighbor;
  • Grow in knowledge and understanding through a challenging curriculum and to develop talents and abilities; and
  • Grow in wisdom that uses what they are learning, tempered by God’s love, as they make responsible contributions to our society.

Purpose and Aims

We believe that the primary purpose of Christian Education is to teach the Word of God in its truth and purity. Specifically, this means

1. Lead children to a knowledge of the true God and faith in Jesus Christ as their only Savior and Lord.

2. Lead children to an appreciation of their life as children of God and heirs of eternal life.

3. Lead children to an appreciation of their Christian responsibilities toward home, church, community, and nation.

St. John’s Lutheran School, in keeping with Biblical principles, has the following aims:

1. To have the child become totally dependent on Jesus Christ for all his earthly and spiritual needs.

2. To teach diligently God’s Word in accordance to the divine command.

3. To protect children against the danger of purely secular education.

4. To provide Christian fellowship.

5. To help maintain a faithful ministry within the church,

6. To support and equip parents and adults for their important role of Christian education in the home.

7. To provide the best secular education possible.

8. To develop Christian stewardship.

9. To provide the child with a Christian set of values.

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